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Anti Hail Nets

Anti Hail Nets Made with monofilament thread, designed to protect crops from hail and hail storms.

A range of nets that protect against damages caused by various factors: Windbreaks for individual and environmental installation. Hail protection nets for installation in inclined and vertical structures.


Bird protection nets for installation in different structures and to be thrown above tree canopies.


Insect protection nets for installation in net houses and on greenhouse envelops to keep out aphids, thrips and mites.

UV stabilized that guarantees long durability.

Flexible, light and easy to install fabric.

They contain additional reinforcing threads for better mechanical resistance when installing them in the structure.

Low level of shading, allowing the passage of light, air and water.

Weave constructions: 2.6X3 – 3.2X3.5 – 4X3 – 5X4.

Check availability of widths, upto 5 Meter.


Avoid economic losses due to hailstorms.

Protection against wind and small frosts.

Low economic cost of the product.

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