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Bag Closer Sewing Machine

Our advanced design features an automatic lubrication system. This fast, heavy-duty hand-held closer works with virtually all bag substrates including paper (single/multi-wall), woven polypropylene, laminated woven polypropylene, net, PE , burlap and cotton bags. Low Maintenance Extremely Easy to Operate - Can be Used with One Hand. Light Weight yet Rugged All Metal Construction Single-Thread Chain Stitch. Integrated Auto Lubrication System Portable Hand-Held operation. Automatic Thread Cutter Can be Hanged From Ceiling (with Optional Pulley System).

FMS Bag Closer Sewing Machine with Auto Oil System.

Technical Details of Machine  :-

  • Power Requirements: AC/DC Motor:1/10 Hp 8000 rpm 220V, 1.3 amps Also available with 100V AC/DC Motor or with 12 VDC

  • sewing Speed: 1600-100 stitches per minute 5 to 8 bags per minute

  • Stitch Length: 3.5 stitches /inch (25.4mm) Fixed Max. Material Thickness: 8mm

  • Types of Bags All kinds of multi-wall paper, Kraft-paper, jute, burlap, cotton, PP/PE, Hessian, woven polypropylene bags etc.

  • Weight: 6 Kg

  • Dimensions: (12 in.H)**(12 in.W)*(13 in.D) (30.5 cm*30.5 cm*33 cm)

  • Type of Stitch: Federal Stitch type 101 single thread chain-stitch.

FMS Stitching Machine.jpg
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