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The anti-weed meshes are used to cover the ground and prevent the appearance of weeds in the ground. Between his zones of application stand out the horticultural centers, zones landscaped, alludes, dividing of highway and autovías, roundabouts, in installations of artificial turf, etc. Also called mesh or polifibril.



 Stabilized UV that guarantees long durability.

 Different standard weights of fabric (100 and 130 gr / m2).

 Resistant to the attack of molds and bacteria.

 Available in different colors.

 Easy to install and clean.

 Check width availability. 


 Absorbs sunlight, reducing photosynthesis and growth of weeds.

 They considerably reduce evaporation (reducing water consumption).

 They allow the passage of air and water, improving soil conditions.

 Significant labor savings by avoiding weeding.

 They prevent waterlogging and root rot, as well as the appearance of fungi.

 Eliminates the need to apply herbicides.

 The lines of division improve the presentation and the precise positioning of pots and plants.

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