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Malla SomBreo / ShadE Nets

Shade netting is specially designed to provide a uniform shading area that controls the amount of sunlight received by crops and other application areas.

This fabric is made with mono filament thread in the warp and raffia ribbon in the weft.

UV stabilized that guarantees long durability.

Different shading percentages: ref.40-50%, ref.60-70%, ref.80-90%, ref.100%.

Available in different colors.

Tailoring service for custom cloths.

Permeable to the passage of air and water.

Easy installation.


In agriculture, they are installed in macro tunnels to shade crops.

In livestock they are used to provide shade for cattle.

In aquaculture, they are used to provide total concealment in fish farms.

In construction, they are installed in the fencing and fencing of works, in parking areas, as separation of houses, awnings for events, etc.


They generate an ideal climate for better production.

Control of the level of light that the plant receives.

Temperature control in the cultivation area.

Control of the passage of air inside the greenhouse.

Eliminates plant stress and reduces water consumption.

They offer protection from the wind.

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