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A flexible intermediate bulk container, or FIBC bag, is an industrial container used by food and pharmaceutical companies to transport the product.  These 1-2 ton FIBC bags feature high Tensile Strength, UV-Ray Resistance, and Anti-microbial material in a variety of coatings, widths, and weights. 


Transport is done on either pallet or by use of lifting loops. The bags are designed with one to four lifting loops to allow for single man operation or team operation. Emptying is done through a special opening in the bottom of the bag or by simply cutting the bag open.

FMS BAGS is a renowned name when it comes to proffering high-quality FIBC bags, also known as a flexible intermediate bulk container. While you place an order with us, you can rest assure to be benefited with the following:

·         Exceptional quality FIBC bags manufactured to suit your needs.

·         We have an unlimited amount of custom design capabilities to meet your immediate requirement.

·         Bags manufactured/Supply by FMS BAGS are proficient enough to carry up to 1000 times their own weight

·         Excellent color printing services are available

·         Products are easily recyclable at end of life

·         A complete certificated Safe Working Loads

·         A free-flowing fill and discharge systems to benefit you

·         Integral reinforced lifting loops, with our super strong woven polyethylene webbing removes the need to use pallets

·         Compact storage available to make your work easier

Whether you need bulk bags for chemicals, aggregates, feeds, seeds, minerals, foodstuffs, plastics or any other agricultural and industrial products, FMS BAGS can help you out.

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